Sunday, September 30, 2012

Setting the Stage...

 Ang, El, Shelly and I were put in charge of bringing Shank and Niki's woodland wedding vision to fruition, but we threw in a couple of our own surprises, too!  As our gift to the happy couple, we saved a ton of cans, strung them with string and filled them with autumn flowers.  We hung more than sixty arrangements from the bridge they were married on. We thought it set a whimsical tone for this important day perfectly.

 Our bride and groom loved the idea of getting married in front of a door and after Leif, Brian, Shank delivered it to the woods the ladies adorned it with flowers and the stage for a lovely ceremony was set.
 From there the four of us headed over to the famed Ishnala restaurant on Mirror Lake to set up the intimate reception hall.  The centerpieces featured Shank's incredible birdhouses; he is an artist in the truest sense of the word and each one, woven out of cans, was nothing short of remarkable.  Sunny sunflowers and quaint table markers finished the look.  Setting out an assortment of cupcakes and homespun toppers meant everything was in order and it was time to get to the business of the day!

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