Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old School at the Old Fashioned.

Leif's closest friends from his high school days in Racine have always been known as The Bomb Squad.  Sure, those core six fellows have picked up more than a few amazing friends along the way, but nothing could tamper with the bomb squad bonds between, Scoob, Shank, Bubba, Wermp, Figger, and BP. It is hard to imagine that the second generation of this extraordinary group is already ten strong and they even let in a few girls! This week-end we Figger, BP and the rest of us pulled up stakes and headed to Baraboo, Wisconsin  to witness the sixth and final bomb squad boy get married; Shank's wedding was an occasion not to be missed!

 On our way, we stopped off to have lunch in Madison at The Old Fashioned. The restaurant is darling and celebrates the grand traditions upheld at iconic Wisconsin supper clubs.  Say hello to lazy susans filled with pickles, dilly beans, deviled eggs,beets, and potato salad!
 And summer sausage, pickled herring, smoked trout and liverwurst.
Hello Wisconsin!

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