Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Restaurant 
"Friends and Family"
Saturday September 15th
The Owl Menu for Two

 Apple Pie Bubble Tea
Carrot Tea & Ginger Candy
 Beet Marshmallow with Whipped Bacon Fat
Granola with Chicken Liver and Tomato Marmalade
Cornbread Pancake with Trout Roe with Maple Aioli

 Apples and Pumpkin
Apple Jelly, Dill, Cinnamon-Mint

Butter Poached Lobster, Foraged Mushrooms
Clam, Smoked Cheese, Cauliflower and Flowers
 Steamed Chicken Mousseline
Poached Quail Egg, Black Truffle, Crispy Skin

 Lamb Loin and Shoulder and Tongue
Sassafras, Pumpernickel and Rye Stuffing, Sour Cherry Vinaigrette
 Hazelnut and Pear 
One Sister 
all grown up
Her name is Elizabeth
and she is eager to make your acquaintance.

She's grown from 12 to 26
emboldening one chef 

She celebrates artistry
in triplicate
farm to table fare
forest foraged fodder
and gastronomic superiority

Owl. Deer. Diamond.

mushrooms from the woods reside near luscious lobster bathed in butter
explosive salty roe snuggles into pancake pillows
rye and pumpernickel hark back to holiday tables
She dresses beets and bacon as marshmallows and cream

One chef leaves her house to find a home,
but brings the best of her baggage along.
Leif and I were grateful to be included in friends and family night and
Elizabeth Restaurant opens to the public on Friday, September 21st.
Purchase tickets to dine with Chef Iliana Regan and her extraordinary staff at:

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