Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arriving in Baraboo.

After a breathtaking drive filled will gorgeous fall color and settling into the Wilderness Resort, we headed over to visit Shank and his family in Baraboo.  We held a very brief and casual wedding rehearsal before exploring their beautiful home and sitting around a roaring bon fire.
 Shank and Niki make a lovely couple and their historic and lovingly restore home is a direct reflection of their spirit.

 The place was crawling with a crop of beautiful children, but it was a total delight meeting this young lady.  Shank's daughter sure takes after her Daddy!

 At the end of the evening we were put in charge of a just a few important wedding details. 
Yikes!  We knew we had an extraordinary day ahead of us.
And a member of our happy crew even ended up with a Baraboo-boo.  Four stitches later, Zane's chin was back in one piece and he was ready to hit the water park the next morning!

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