Monday, August 20, 2012

100 Years of Julia

Celebrating 100 years of Julia
/A collective menu/
Potage Creme De Cresson
Soupe a la Oignon Gratinee
Concombre Froide Soupe
Petits Chaussons au Roquefort
Petits Chaussons au Veau et Porc
Bruschetta alla Julie and Julia
Caneton a l'Orange
Tomates a la Provencale
Pommes De Terre a L'Huile
Julia's French Baguette
Bleuets Tarte Nectarine
Le Marquis avec Creme au Beurre Menager
Reine de Saba Glacage au Chocolate
Clafouti aux Pommes Normande

Gathering friends and family to honor the birthday of the great Julia Child has become one of my favorite annual celebrations!  This year we successfully celebrated what would have been Julia's 100th birthday and everyone put their best foot forward!  I am constantly impressed by the talent among our foodie friends.  The French wines flowed as we enjoyed the fruits of our labor and the pleasure of good company.  Just look at these pictures!  I am sure you can understand why picking a favorite dish proved to be nearly impossible.
After careful consideration, I decided that the 2012 Mastering the Art of French Cooking Award goes to The Frigs!  They've been cooking for Julia ever since we started throwing this party and have never shied away from her challenging recipes.  This year in addition to making a duo of savory turnovers they served them alongside an herb aioli and raspberry sauce!  Everyone loved them and Julia's birthday party wouldn't be the same without Chris, Pen and their girls!


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Once again, I wish we were there! Always so much fun. And the food looks amazing, of course.

Penny said...

Wow!!! I am so excited Mel, seriously! My fear of making pastry dough has been conquered. It goes without saying that any time with you guys is memorable and fun, but I agree with you---this tradition is one of my FAVORITES! (written with a big smile on my face) Only thing missing...the Pettit's:-(( Here's to next year!

Nubia said...

those turnovers were deadly! we couldn't stop eating them...and then you start to remember that this French cuisine and that it's loaded with butter. Ha! I still kept on eating :)

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