Thursday, July 26, 2012

Power Issues.

 To say we have been expereincing some pretty ridiculous issues with electricity over the past few years would be an understatement.  In 2008 a storm damaged a transformer on the corner of our alley and literally fried out our neighbor's entire house. It was a dramatic scene as downed power lines danced like fire spitting snakes in the alley before things were under control; it was one of the scariest expereinces of my life.  

Even scarier, it happened a second time without warning.  The same main power line simply fell out a few months later during a quiet December night and fire once again rained down from the sky starting yet another fire on the property adjoining ours. It just fell out. We were losing faith in Com Ed by the minute.

In subsequent years we endured the occasional storm resulting in downed power lines and fallen trees and while occurrences like these are not all together unexpected each one served as a reminder of the scary explosions in our past.  Over the past couple of months we've lost power on multiple occasions (sometimes for more than 24hours and often more than once in a given week) and a transformer to the north of us exploded in the middle of the night without warning. Without warning.

And last night I heard an all too familiar rumble and immediately knew something electrical was amiss. 
There wasn't a storm brewing, there wasn't a lick of lightning in the sky, there wasn't even a breeze.
 I walked out my back door and this what I saw...
...a fiery display caused by an exploding ground transformer two blocks south of our house.  This scene was no where near as scary as electricity charged scenes from our  past and thankfully we didn't lose power (for once), but all of these events are a little too close for comfort if you ask me.  It feels like we spend a lot of time thinking about power lines around here and frankly I am more than a little tired of it. 


Angela said...

Um yeah, that would freak me out too.

Mary said...

totally scary...we have lost power 3 times this summer. shortest 3 hrs, longest was for 4 days with 112 heat index ( we didn't stay here for 1 min, but coming home after power was on that day I was brought via ambulance to ER with heat exhaustion. Crazy crazy summer and quite scary. Hopefully they'll start replacing transformers before someone really gets injured

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