Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Italia Day Three: Friendly? Match

Following our side trip to Pisa the Chicago Nationals played a friendly match against a local club from a nearby community.  Finn was beyond excited to play on international soil for the first time and came out aggessivly against their sizable opponents.  The tone of the match was a little less than friendly and the score did not reflect the reality of the situation.  Our boys "officially" lost 2-3, but only due to some seriously questionable calls.  Had all things been friendly they would have won 3-1, but no worries...they had a grand time getting their cleats used to an Italian pitch.

 While staying at our hotel in Montecatini a waiter was particularly disturbed when Finn wore a Juventus jersey to dinner.  To set things straight he brought Finn one of his own Inter Milan jerseys to keep.  It will take Finn a lifetime to grow into it, but the gesture was beyond sweet!

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