Saturday, July 21, 2012

Italia Day Seven: Grown-Up Time

Following a grand day of castle viewing several boys from the team attended a tournament sponsored disco and gave the coaches and a few of my favorite parents some free time to enjoy a glass of wine and some much needed adult conversation on the narrow streets of San Marino.  
It was nice to capture a little bit of vacation feeling in the middle of our whirlwind trip!
The boys had a fantastic time at the disco and Finn proved he had some international game.  He danced with girls from every corner of the globe including France and Brazil.  When asked how he managed to to asked girls to dance when they didn't speak the same language Finn responded, "It was really cool.  I just looked at them and held out my arms.  It was like they couldn't resist me!"  He ended up getting five kisses and his teammates named him stud of the night!  He credits his considerable magnetism to wearing his lucky knit hat.  Priceless.

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Nubia said...

:) I love this post. Must see you guys soon so I can hear this stories live!

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