Thursday, July 19, 2012

Italia Day Five: First Games

 The Chicago Nationals took the field bright and early on the first day of San Marino Cup competition.  We knew there would be a rough road ahead, but none of us anticipated the extreme age and size difference between the teams.  Look at Finn's mark below and try to argue that they are the same age;    you just can't.  Brut force can beat skill, but that wasn't true in this case.  The Nationals beat Italy's Junior Sant' Ermete 3-2!  It was a truly exciting start to the tournament!

 After a victory dance, a short break and a change of uniform the Nationals were back on the pitch to take on Italian Team GS di Lipomo.  I will limit my words here and say that Finn learned a valuable lesson about sportsmanship during this match .  Their 3-1 loss did not  reflect the reality of the situation on the pitch and the loss was totally unfair.  The boys  were stunned, but with a little help from their parents and coaches they were able to put the loss behind them and focus in that evening's opening ceremony.

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