Sunday, July 22, 2012

Italia Day Eight: Riccione

 In an effort to put some of our tournament woes behind us we yanked our boys off the pitch and plunked them on the beaches of Riccione in the Adriatic rivera of Romagna.  One of the best known seaside resort communities in northern Italy, Riccione's beaches are gorgeous and the eighty degree blue water was simple perfect.  The boys traded their uniforms for swimming trunks without complaint and made the most of our day at the beach!

 After a hearty lunch of pasta and shellfish, the boys donned helmets and life jackets for a trip on a banana boat.  Finn had no idea what he was in for!

 Similar to tubing, the banana is towed by a powerd boat and the driver attempts to flip the passengers off the banana and into the water by making sharp turns at high speeds. They boys went flying with ease and Finn was surprised how something so fun could hurt so much.  When I asked him if he would ever ride a banana boat again he responded, "Totally, but not right now.  Seriously.  Not now."

 Rather than take a second turn on the banana boats the adults and kids rented two speed boats and took a riotous ninety minute ride through the sea and visited a calm clear alcove prefect for swimming and lounging!  One of our players even got stung by a jelly fish.  Lets just say "teamwork" took on a whole new meaning on the old Adriatic!

 After hours of boating and swimming the boys started a game of beach soccer with a group of Italian boys.  They were playing with such intensity that a crowd started to gather and even began chanting for our American boys!  It was a precious moment for sure and we let them play for as long as we could before heading back to San Marino for the coaches vs refs friendly game.

This day was a considerable highlight of our trip.

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Nubia said...

I love that it's pretty easy to tell the American boys from the European boys based on swim trunks alone :)

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