Saturday, June 9, 2012

Older than Snoop.

Leif started out his birthday with a hearty home-cooked breakfast on the red plate and finished out his celebratory day with some fennel and basil gelato with strawberry compote at Autre Monde, but in the middle of the day he received some confusing birthday wishes from Finn.

While encouraging Leif to peruse his fictitious dreams of becoming a rapper Finn exclaimed,
"Don't think you are too old to do it Dad.  Just look at Snoop Dogg; that guy is REALLY old.  I'd bet he's like fifty-six years old!"

Fifty six isn't old, but  it turns out Snoop Dogg is actually only forty; Leif is forty-two.  None of us are quite sure what  Finn's comments say about Leif or aging in general, but maybe the confusion will inspire Leif to spit a few rhymes on the subject of getting older!

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