Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scientifically Proven.

Emma and her friend Catherine have been busy working on an optional science fair experiment together for the better part of the school year.  They received some well deserved extra credit in their honors biology class for participating and two weeks ago they finally had the opportunity to present their experiment and findings at the 2012 Percy Julian Symposium during a power point presentation entitiled:
The Examination of Fertility in Drosophilia melanogaster after Cross-Breeding
That is just science speak for mutating about a kabillion fruit flies, but in addition to being invited to participate in the Illinois State University High School Science Symposium on April April 27th, they earned freshmen/sophmore runner-up honors for their hard work at the Percy Julian Symposium.
The winning freshmen/sophomore presentation entitled:
Genistein and Daidzein on Apoptosis of Breast Cancer Cells
came from Niles High School and basically blew away the competition!  Niles also happened to be the winning school at the Illinois State University Competition; apparently kids in Niles know their science!
Save for having to catch a bus from school at 5am on a Friday morning, Emma enjoyed both of her science fair experiences.  She and her partner are  reveling in the security their well deserved extra-credit provides and did not find parting with their army of flies difficult  in any way.

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