Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pick-Up Sticks

Finn has been totally swept away by the fun at Feedback School of Music!  He started playing drums about two months ago and yesterday they surprised him with a new music book.  Finn was thrilled to show off the "old fashioned 54 record" that came with the book (I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a actually called a 45)   In addition to the book,  the school director, Midge, surprised Finn by organizing  a jam session with a real working musician (Jim Dinou) in lieu of his regular lesson.  Finn admitted to being a little nervous (it was his first time playing with a full kit), but had a marvelous time hanging with Jim and really appreciated his constructive criticism and This video captures their first moments playing together; according to both Midge and Finn they only got better with time.  
I think we are going to need to seek suggestions from the drummers in our life about purchasing a drum kit for the Finnman.  It seems to me that he is more than a little hooked!

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