Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Charlie's Kitchen

“A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music. He understands how things go together. For a chef, once you have that basis, that's when cuisine is truly exciting.”
-Chef Charlie Trotter
Charlie Trotter's 
Tuesday April 24th, 2012
Kitchen Table Menu
Penn Cove Oyster with Ginger Granite
Hawaiian Hearts of Palm with Saba & Nicoises Olives
Sashimi of Hamachi with English Peas & Fresh Wasabi
Hot & Sour Eggplant with Yuba & Crispy Lotus
Katsuo with Fava Beans & Avocado
-Renee Geoffroy "Expression-Charlic Trotter's Disgorgement" Brut NV-
Soft Shell Crab with Grapefruit & Kaffir Lime
-Riesling Kabinett "Zeltinger Sonnenuhr" Selbach-Oster, Mosel 2010-
Crispy Pig's Tail with Green Garlic & Puy Lentils
-Elena Walsh Gewurztraminer 2009-
Stinging Nettle Soup with Globe Artichoke & White Anchovies
-Gruner Veltliner Kamptal Reserve "Steinsetz" Schloss Gobelsberg, Kamptal 2012-

Loup de Mer with Cockscomb & Oregano Flowers
-Rias Baixas, Albarino, Pazo de Galegos 2010-
Roasted Guinea Hen with Capers & Candied Kumquats
-Meursault "Les Narvaux" Vincent Girardin 2007-
Arkansas Rabbit Loin with Ramps & Pumpernickel
-Soliste "le Esperance" Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast 2008-

Roasted Squab with Braised Cardoon, Black Quinoa & Celery
-Rosso di Montalcino "Lo Scorno" San Filippo 2007-
Berkshire Pork Loin with Red Wine Cabbage & Miso
-Antiyal, Alvaro Espinoza, Maipo Valley 2009-

Granny Smith Apple & Greek Yogurt with Pistachio and Tarragon
Bourbon Vanilla Creme Brulee with Plums & Butterscotch
Banana Financier with Roasted Date Jam & Candied Hazelnuts
Criollo Cake with Merlot Jelly & Candied Vanilla
Guava & Caramelized White Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn Meringue
-Samos "Anthemis" 1999-
And an Intimate  Kitchen Tour:

“You know the old adage that the customer’s always right? Well, I kind of think that the opposite is true. The customer is rarely right. And that is why you must seize the control of the circumstance and dominate every last detail: to guarantee that they’re going to have a far better time than they ever would have had if they tried to control it themselves.”  
Chef Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter
Visionary or Villain?
a twenty-five year old murky debate
years of questions answered in a single evening
 six lovely smart infectious women
(one bento compartment for each)

an ever present chef
and his master sommelier friend
a spiraling fiddle head fern
signature copper pots
intensely perfect miso tortellini
an unforgettable pinot noir
bouts of laughter
one shattered glass
(and no-one was fired as convention might dictate)
braised cardoon & black quinoa 
best of friends
stinging nettles as smooth as silk
cognac and sweets with Chef

It Does Not Matter.
I Don't Really Care.

Charlie Trotter
Chicago Legacy.
Twenty-Five Years of Near Perfection
king of the kitchen
nearing the end of an era
welcomed us to his table with his own brand of affection and conversation
simply  an honor to partake


Bronwyn said...

Wow, Mel!Just WOW!

It looks like a wonderful meal and a fabulous experience. I don't know anyone I would rather see eating and chatting with Charlie Trotter than you:)

On another note- we were at Phil's cousin's wedding reception at Spiaggia the other night and some of his cousins from St. Louis were STILL TALKING about how wonderful the food was at our wedding :) You made quite an impression on them! Let's have coffee or drink something soon! xxoo B

Virtual Farmgirl said...

Amazing. What a beautiful post and tribute.

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