Friday, March 9, 2012

Twelve things about Finn

1.  On the day he was born he rather resembled a featherless chicken. He was scrawny, angular and a little banged up; I fell desperately in love with him at first sight.

2.  We named him Finnr Sverre...Sverre after his paternal great grandfather and his dad and Finnr for its roots in Norse mythology; further research determined Finnr literally means " mischievous little dwarf." Hmmm...

3. Finn's red hair came as a total shock to us and to people around town.  I cannot tell you how many times strangers would stop me in shops just to touch his hair. Emma had no patience for folks fawning over her little brother and seemed to much prefer the many people who would jump back and declare her brother was the "spawn of the devil" and begin praying right there in the canned goods aisle.

4.  The first woman Finn ever fell in love with was Velma from Scooby Doo.  At three years old  he understood Daphne's natural appeal, but was all together smitten with "Velma and her beautiful glasses."  He even kept a picture of her from a coloring book on his closet door. It seems like he has excellent taste and a way with the ladies; Emma's friends called this evening  to sing him happy birthday.

5.  Four year old Finn would eat all the raw cucumbers I gave him as long as I called them cookies.  He would eat California Rolls hand over fist as long as we called them muffins.   Both remain among his favorite foods today.

6.  Finn spent the better part of his formative years looking for Woody's hat.  His love for that "rootinest tootinest cowboy" was second only to his love for Scooby and the Gang.  His pediatrician actually thought Finn was a dwarf for a moment until she learned  Finn hunched over and bent his arms when he walked just so he could look like Shaggy!

7.  Finn will NEVER forgive me for making him watch the film version of Oklahoma!  It was, in fact, an unforgivable offense and one he brings up with alarming frequency.  Finn has excellent taste in movies and has been profoundly effected by Tim Burton.  His love for Edward Scissorhands has only recently been replaced by Little Miss Sunshine.

8.  Finn's first soccer team was called the Barrie Kit Kats, his blue cotton jersey hung well past his knees, and he spent more time watching the ball roll by than actually playing.  His genetic instincts kicked in though and he learned to use his smaller stature to his advantage, earning the nickname "The Red Wedge."  He joined the  River Forest Rapids Soccer club this year and has 16 goals for his team to date and will play his first international matches this summer!

9.  Our cat, Jordan, is exclusively devoted to Finn.  Her love for him has always been something to behold, but is even more remarkable now because she has become quite cranky in her old age. She no longer gives any of us the time of day, but pines away for Finn as soon as he leaves the house.  For as long as Finn can remember Jordan has been his "mostly"companion.

10.  Finn wrote his first short story about family of ducks at age six.  Entitled, Mean Daddy, the work was met with mixed reviews.  Today, Finn has become a notable word smith and has a fondness for a myriad of literary devices.  His narratives and poetry have been met with rave reviews after his somewhat stilted beginnings.

11.  These days Finn, aka The Ginger Justin Bieber, is busy turning himself into a soccer playing drummer.  He has recently started drum lessons and feels as though tapping into his musical side at this time will round out his personality nicely.  His instructor has suggested he begin listening to Tool.  Doing so will certainly add some nice variety to his regular rotation of Tribe Called Quest, De La Sol, and Kanye West.

12. Oh and and Finn Elsmo is Twelve Years old today.
Happy birthday to the sweetest boy we know!
We've enjoyed discovering all of the fascinating aspects of your personality over the years and cherish all of the memories from your childhood more than you could ever know!  We are eager to see all that you will become in the next phase of your life and treasure every singe day we share with you.
Our lives are forever better for having met you twelve years ago!
Mom and Dad

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday to finn...I may have to borrow your idea and do 13 things about Callahan next week.

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