Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Spring Hat Dinner

After enjoying the company of a group of  incredible women several times over the past year I decided to invite them over for a spring dinner party.  Some where along the way everyone decided to wear hats and in an instant the spring hat dinner was born!  I whipped up six feminine dishes and we settled in for an unforgettable evening of  girl talk and laughter.
Arpege Inspired Egg
Soft Scrambled Egg, Citrus Cream, Chive and Maple Syrup
The Green Goddess Salad
Cucumber,  Kale, Lavender, Goat Cheese, Asparagus, Pistachio
Lemon Ricotta Ravioli
Three Peas, Crispy Parmesan, Watercress
Chilly Noodles
Ahi, Somen, Egg, Nori, Scallion
Chicken and Potatoes and Vegetables
Tomato Roulade, Twice Baked Potato Tower, Zucchini, Balsamic, Prosciutto, Basil 
Thank you for coming, Sol, Clarisol, Dawn, Celena, Gabrielle, Kaberi, Alicia, and Ngozi!
It was an honor to fill my table with such an extraordinary group of women.
I cannot wait until next time!

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