Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slurping Turtle

Last night we headed into the city to enjoy a few steaming bowls of Takashi Yagihashi's considerably hyped noodles at the much buzzed about restaurant Slurping Turtle.  We were a little confused by the entrance to the restaurant, but after navigating our way through a tricky door and a narrow hallway we found ourselves in a bright and modern space just as adorable as the winking turtle suggests it should be!  Communal tables dominate the space, but we scored a little four top near the back of the restaurant and wasted no time ordering some pork belly snacks.
And let me just say the little buggers do not disappoint.  Perfectly cooked pork belly served open face on a slightly sweet steamed bun is paired brilliantly with a brightly dressed salad; this was one of my favorite dishes of the night!
From there we shared several offerings from the Bincho Grill: shishito peppers, quail, duck, and kabocha squash.   This traditional Japanese grill relies on imported charcoal made from specific trees and can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees.  Ideally the grill will caramelize the outside of fish, meats and vegetables while trapping interior juices and keeping items tender.  The shishito pepper was my favorite, but squash was a little bland.  Quail can dry out in an instant and the grill seemed to prevent from happening beautifully
We totally enjoyed side dishes of fried Brussels sprouts with togorashi and umami flavors (another favorite)and steamed cauliflower with spicy miso mayo, before our Shoyu Ramen and Tan Tan Men arrived.  I am a total sucker for Ramen and while I will forever remain loyal to Santouka and Urban Belly for my favorite noodle slurps, Slurping Turtle does not disappoint.  Rich and silky soy based broth is littered with pork, nori, naruto, and bamboo shoots.  Definitely worth the slurp!  Folks at our table loved the Tan Tan Men featuring whole wheat egg noodles, spicy miso broth and pork, but I am too much of an noodle purist to appreciate them as much as others.  We finished up our meal with an extraordinary duo of sesame ice cream and a coconut cream puff!
Overall, I adored our meal at Slurping Turtle, but more importantly I just loved the company!  
We sure have missed these guys and I am certain we'll make every effort to make sure our busy schedules don't prevent us from enjoying nights like this one more often.
116 W Hubbard Street
(get  there early.  lines are long and they don't take reservations)


Penny said...

So fun and I could not image sampling the turtle with any on else. Until our next adventure....

Angela said...

Penny told me you guys were going there. So jealous. Miss out regular dinner outings so much!

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