Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Indian Slow Cooker

Ever since I went to hear Chef Suvir Saran speak at the home of cook book author, Anupy Singla's house I have been craving all things Indian.  While at her house I was privileged to enjoy a memorable buffet made up of dishes featured in  her crock pot cookbook, The Indian Slow Cooker.  I don't use cookbooks very often, but this one captured my attention enough to follow a recipe to the letter; a high compliment from me.   This isn't throw it all in and hope for a miracle crock pot cooking; following that wink and a prayer cooking method inevitably yields soft stringy lackluster chicken.  Anupy Singla helps cooks use the crock pot to its fullest potential by forcing cooks to do some pretty heavy prep work on the front end.  For instance my chicken had to marinate over night, I boiled and peeled tomatoes, and whipped up a spicy masala before letting it all get really happy in the slow cooker for for eight hours.   And let me tell you our Chicken Tikka Masala was outstanding!  We served it up alongside some whole grain flat breads and fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.  Look for the book, follow the recipes and wait for something amazing to happen!

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