Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vikas' Annaprashun

A year ago I didn't know I would fall madly in love with a little nugget named Vikas and be so welcomed into his life that my family and I would be participating in his milestone moments alongside his gorgeous and welcoming family, but this week-end all four of us attended his Annaprashun.  I had no idea what the ceremony entailed, but when Kaberi told me it was a celebration to see if "Baby Chutney" really likes chutney I was intrigued to say the least!

An Annaprashun is a Hindu tradition meaning "first rice" and celebrates a baby's transition to eating solid foods around six months of age.  To begin the ceremony Vikas' grandmother presented trays of food to him look at and a specially prepared sweetened rice pudding for the actual tasting.  Senior males in the family took turns feeding Vikas the delicious pudding; Kaberi's dad started the fun.
Little Vikas was a little overwhelmed by all the attention and the pressure to please his adoring fans got the better of him for a bit, but then the sweetness of his first food hit him full force and he was hooked!
We all watched as a few other relatives took turns giving the eager eater his next few bites before Vikas was asked to play a game to determine his future.
This silver tray contained trinkets provided by family and friends to symbolize what Vikas may do in the future.  Emma placed a dance shoe on the plate, while Finn added a soccer ball.  I added a spatula and Leif added a compass to symbolize being a guide or facilitator.  Other folks added symbols to represent being a global peacemaker, actor, and a vintner.  The game dictates that first item the baby grabs from the tray will determine his future.
Vikas seemed a little overwhelmed by a myriad of life options, but confidently made his choice after a few moments.  As much as his dad wanted him to pick the coins symbolizing wealth, our smart young fellow snatched Leif's compass!  We think he'll have good direction while he travels the world, use it to find his fortune, or turn out to be a smashing park ranger!
It was an extraordinary honor for our family to witness this momentous occasion in the lives of our friends and we could not have been happier to share in the beauty of the day.

 देअरेस्त विकास, 
मय योउर लिफ़े बे फ़िल्लेद् विथ् देलिकिऔस् अद्वेन्तुरेस! 
इथ् लोवे,
औन्त मेल, ळेइफ़्, एम्म अण्ड इन्न.
Dearest Vikas,
May your life be filled with delicious adventures.
With Love,
Aunt Mel, Leif, Emma and Finn.


Kaberi said...

love having the Elsmo Four as part of our family. xoxo

Virtual Farmgirl said...

The compass is a brilliant choice. What a beautiful moment. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

What a neat custom, and how nice to be able to participate in it.

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