Sunday, February 5, 2012

Revisiting the Pump Room

Seventeen years ago Leif and I celebrated our first dating anniversary at the Pump Room in Chicago.  I walked past Chicago's State Street institution everyday on my way to and from work and I had never seen such a beautiful restaurant in my life.  I couldn't imagine what kinds of people ate dinner in a room full of chandeliers, but I was fairly certain I wasn't in a position to find out.  Concerned I was going be be arrested for voyeurism, Leif  made a reservation at the Pump Room as soon as he could afford to take me; it was our very first fine dining experience.  Last year, the Pump Room was renovated and it's menu was updated by notable chef and restaurateur, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  

When it occurred to me that Leif and I had been together long enough that a classic needed updated, I made a reservation to dine there for our anniversary.  After all, we based our marriage on the fact that we would never stay the same.  We respected the fact that people should be constantly growing and changing as individuals;  to make our marriage last we only committed to grow and change together. After all these years neither of us are the same person we were when me met, but like the Pump Room, our marriage is simply an updated and evolved version of a classic.  
And our meal at the Pump Room was nothing short of fantastic!  The flavors were memorable, clean and reliable.  The service was first rate and the room is stunning!  They even surprised us with a few bonus dishes including a lovely dessert plated up especially for our anniversary.  Make a reservation.
Following dinner we took a stroll past our first Chicago apartment on Burton place.  We used to live on the first floor with the large windows and our bedroom was off to the right.
It looks like our first place has changed more than a little over the years...the photo below captures the balcony outside of our bedroom on the very same building about seventeen years ago.

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