Saturday, February 11, 2012

King of Hearts

After spending a bunch of time decorating for the dance this week, Emma and her friend Nora spent the afternoon getting ready for the big OPRF King of Hearts dance and turned out looking beautiful and festive!  
 After the lovely duo posed for a bunch of fun pictures (can you tell Emma is a dancer?) they went their separate ways to pick up their dates.  Emma and Jack are old pros when it comes to attending school dances these days and I thought they looked just adorable heading out this evening!  Emma described the dance as a social gathering with breaks for slow dances."  
After the dance Leif took Emma and Jack along with another couple to get some ice cream.
My friend and fellow blogger, Jen, shared this lovely comment on Facebook.
"I saw them at Brown Cow last night. I thought "what a charming young couple," but Emma's back was to me (it was crowded) and I didn't recognize the charming young lady. Great photo!"

*It should be noted that I had a Valentine's event tonight and Leif handled every aspect of this evening (even the purchasing the elusive Fashion Tape to secure Emma's dress).  He took the pictures, drove the carpools, took Jack's brothers out to dinner with Finn, and supervised the ice cream outing.  At the end of the night he said, "Now, that was a good Dad day!"  I couldn't agree more.


sanguinea said...

Go Leif! What a great dad.

Nubia said...

a good dad day for a good dad :) Love Emma's dress by the way!

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