Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday on a Budget

Every Friday Finn and a group of his friends stop by the local convenience store to pick up a few treats and stop at a park play capture the flag on the walk home from school; they call it Fun Friday!  Finn is all about having fun, but he is not about spending his hard earned cash.  Lately he has taken to buying an enormous Arizona Iced Tea on Fun Friday.  When asked about his purchase Finn commented, "For 99 cents, not only is this drink delicious, it is an exceptionally good value!  I wonder if it is nutritious, too?"  Well...two out of three ain't bad!

1 comment:

sanguinea said...

So funny . . . I swear that walking to middle school has done more for James's understanding of money than years of Everyday Math. (I hear the $.69 extra-large fountain soda at the gas station is the best calorie-per-penny deal. Ack!)

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