Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Charm of One Sister.

Winter Menu 2012

Bubble Tea

Salad Sponge
honeys, greens, homegrown
yukon gold potato, white truffle, mascarpone

paint, powders, gels, puddings, fresh sprouts

winter flavors, roe
Butternut Squash
lobster, cashew, anise
Tree Nest
spaghetti squash, "eggs"
artichoke, black truffle
Your Hand

Oyster Centerpiece

Shrimp Scampi Noodles

Oatmeal Dashi and Chia Seeds
Chicken Liver Mousse
clove, chocolate, fennel, pineau de charantes
Brussels with Yummies
smoked duck, amaranth
1 Pill Makes you Larger, 1 Pill Makes you Small
coffee and doughnuts, chicken and dumplings
Spiced Pho

Blood Pudding
pork, king oyster udon, garnishes
Indiana Deer Bresaola
pine, homemade cheese, cherry, smoke
Dry Aged Ribeye
buttermilk, broccoli, bonito
Ice Cream Cone
bacon, korval whiskey butterscotch
cinnamon, carrot, celery, onion
The same-now familiar-square table
in the same quintessential Chicago apartment dining room 
only this time filled with strangers 
save for a happy quartet in the corner

next time I may bring my slippers
three times is merely an excuse to enjoy 
the obvious charm of
One Sister

Iliana Regan
peaking chef
elevating cuisine 
to the height of a nest in a tree
perpetually pushing forward 
by offering a pancake pot pie
proves her intelligence
by returning to kindergarten
via paint brushes and beets
the sprout the blood and the liver
the owl the deer and the diamond

a force of nature
unfettered by winter
but waiting for spring
(Check out our other two experiences HERE and HERE)

1 comment:

One Sister Inc. and Elizabeth Restaurant said...

You can bring your slippers or I can provide you with a pair.

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