Monday, February 20, 2012

18th Annual Jambalaya Cook-Off

Last year I won the FitzGerald's 17th annual Jambalaya cook-off by making a version that featured duck, andouille, and shrimp and this year I wrote up a column about a healthy vegetarian Mardi rGas muffalettas and judged the 18th annual Jambalaya cook-off!  I think sitting at the judges table is far easier than whipping of 300 tastings of flavorful rice for a crowd!
 Eight varied Jambalays offerings were subject to the judgment of a panel of "celebrity" judges on Lundi Gras, but the top three were far and away the strongest of the offerings of the night.  I could not imagine taking any more that little tastes of all the dishes, but I have to admit I went back for second and third tastes of the winning recipes!  
South Oak Park was well represented by my former PTO co-president and CIA graduate, Ron Martin.  After the blind taste testing I was happy to discover his dish finished among the top three!  I imagine he'll throw his hat in the ring next year, too!  

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