Friday, January 6, 2012

The Old Homestead

This afternoon, I had the chance to take a quick drive by my last childhood home in Wisconsin. My parents designed and built this house in the late 1980's.  My mother, brother and I  drove past it every day after school during the year it was under construction...the foundation filled up with water and froze solid with a dead fox in the center, on "surprise we have cabinets day" I hit my head so hard on them that I actually saw stars, and on the day the house was painted my Mom sobbed in the car because it looked like the entire house was black.  Thankfully, the dark paint quickly faded and over time weathered into a lovely and warm mossy brown shade.  My bedroom had a pink tulip stencil border, I had my very first kiss at the end of the driveway, my brother and I  spent hours shooting baskets next to the garage, and the garden outside of the dining room window was full of a the rose bushes I bought my mom for Mother's Day. Obviously, the house  is a different color today, but it still looks pretty fantastic!  Clearly, my parents' taste can stand the test of time.

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