Saturday, December 17, 2011

Revisiting One Sister

Late Fall Menu 2011

Bubble Tea
apple pie

Salad Sponge
homegrown. goat milk. sunflower. honeys

salmon roe. fall
yukon gold potato. white truffle. homemade cheese
Pumpkin Patch
pumpernickel. lobster. fennel. cashew
Grilled Cheese Soup
encapsulated. tomato marmalade. garden items

Your Hand

Oyster Centerpiece
Shrimp Noodle
Potatoes Mussels and Lobster Consomme

Oatmeal Dashi and Chia Seeds
1 Pill Makes You Larger and 1 Pill Makes You Small
Chicken Thigh, Livers, Truffle and Hay
Indiana Deer Bresaola
pine. smoke. cherries. homemade ricotta

cheek. pomegranate.king oyster udon
 Dry-Aged Ribeye
tamarind. red pepper. parsley root
 Ice Cream Cone
bacon. koval whiskey

Chocolate Orbs
egg yolk. berry. gruyere

The same square table...
... in the same quintessential Chicago apartment dining room.
A different cast of characters.
Eighteen artful courses.
Copious amounts of wine.
Cozy sense of community; family in many forms.

(all over again)
Lifting the veil of surprise
reveals a masterful level of consistency
and seasonal sensibility.

One Chef
Iliana Regan
tiny kitchen wizard
serves grilled cheese bubbles
liquefied apple pie
and exploding chocolate balls

friend of mother nature
calls it a perfectly cooked potato and proves it.
Thinks people are salty.
defines dulcet dishes
visionary artist
underground, but not for long
Elizabeth will bring her up for air


Angela said...

Jealous! That was such a great dinner, and looks amazing once again.

Amy said...

How fun! Her new dishes sounded delectable... Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Penny said...

What fun!! I am still so inspired by this chef!

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