Friday, December 23, 2011

Birds in the Branches

In lieu of the more traditional bride and groom figurines, a pair of white doves graced the top of my parents' wedding cake.  Following their union in the early 70's,  the doves rested in the branches of our family Christmas tree for years to come.  As time passed, my mom or dad would often comment that their doves were looking a little worse for the wear; decades of storage are not kind to Styrofoam bodies and synthetic feathers.  Looking at those deteriorating birds served as a reminder that my parents' marriage had stood the test of time; I always found it to be a lovely tradition.  When it came time for Leif and I to pick out our wedding cake topper we naturally requested a pair of white doves.  
And yes, we place them in the branches of our Christmas tree every year.

Our bakery birds  look like they are oddly and painfully connected by nose rings, but we love what they represent none-the-less!  This year, when we placed them on the Christmas tree, I couldn't help but notice their wings are starting to look more than a little tattered.  I think they wear their age well.

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