Saturday, November 5, 2011

Growing Up...

We are in the process of changing Finn's room to reflect his new middle school maturity and as much as it pained me to take down the little blue car light switch plate we put up when we decorated his nursery, I know he is more than ready for his new stainless steel switch plates, graphite colored walls, and crimson racing stripe! Parting with his out grown "Take me to Buzz" t-shirt, however, was the hardest of all! 

When Finn was just three years old he and I were enjoying one of our regular lunches at the Buzz Cafe with friends.  As per his usual, Finn ordered an ice cold chocolate milk.  When the server delivered the milk he tripped grandly and sent the milk flying.  The cup seemed to hang over our party of six for quite a while before dramatically landing on Finn's head.  No-one else at the table got wet, but Finn was shivering and soaked from head to toe!  We all thought it was uncanny and hilarious  how pointed the spill was and our gracious (and slightly embarrassed) server promptly presented Finn will his "Take me to the Buzz" t-shirt.  We changed him right away and realized quickly the shirt was a  youth medium.  Finn wore a 2T at the time; the shirt went to his ankles and the short sleeves hovered near his wrists.  Even though he was swallowed up by the enormity of the garment, Finn wasn't about to part with that shirt/dress and wore it proudly for years to come.

Eight years later Finn has finally out grown his free shirt and we had to part with it this week.  It is funny how the passage of time can get wrapped up in some spilled milk and a free shirt, the evidence of his maturing is everywhere these days!

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