Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been a fan of Ella Gill's for quite some time now.  She is a rather insanely talented folk musician and is in the process of putting together some recordings.  Ella was in the hunt for some album cover art and I photographed her in a series of different locations in hopes of creating an image she feels captures the spirit of what she is trying to do.  These are from the marsh series, but my favorites are in our train track and beach series.  I am not sure which images she'll select in the end, but you can bet I'll be celebrating the release of her first studio recordings right here!  She is just a delight to be around and I cannot wait to photograph her again. Ella is girl who is going places for sure.

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CCYL said...

These are beautiful pictures of Ella! We are doing a fundraiser with her and I wonder if we could use one of these pictures if we have your name to give photo credit. And of course we'd like to invite you as well. My email is clevin@comcast.net and we can continue the conversation there. Thank you for considering!

Cindy Levin
RESULTS Educational Fund

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