Thursday, November 17, 2011


"If I am going to get anywhere in the world of soccer I pretty much have to get to England by the time I am 15." 
-Finn Elsmo, age 9
Several weeks ago Finn tried out for a soccer team that will be traveling to play in the Gothica Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden this summer.  The Gothica cup is the finest international youth soccer tournament in the world and hosts 1,600 teams from 70 nations.  Needless to say, Finn was beyond stoked a the prospect of getting several international matches under his belt and his determination to be included on the team was reflected in his level of play at the try-out.

Finn was thrilled to get the good news that he'll be heading to Sweden this summer with Team Coerver, but equally delighted to learn the team will have a three day stop over in London for practice sessions and a friendly match with a British youth club before heading to the tournament.

"Oh man! I'm going to be like four years ahead of schedule!" -Finn Elsmo, yesterday. 
And the best looks like I'll get to go with him!  
Hello Lingonberries!


Angela said...

All too awesome! Congrats Finn!

Ali said...

Congrats Finn! So amazing. Almost got teary eyes reading the post. Your beautiful photo helped to set the emotional mood :)

Scott Schwebel said...

Good work Finn- keep that dream going! Scoob.

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