Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter Color.

Retiring my vibrant red hair for a while is the perfect way to welcome winter weather, but it sure does make me feel more like a middle aged mom. When I snapped this picture, however, I was pleasantly surprised by how I looked.   I often photograph myself right after getting my hair done because I know I probably won't look this good until I hit the salon again in six weeks!  I've also discovered that I look pretty good under my white dining room curtains in the afternoon.  Honestly, I cannot remember exactly how I figured this out, but being a SAHM does funny things to a person.  Clean the tops of the kitchen cabinets OR photograph yourself under the dining room curtains?  These are the choices I'm faced with on a daily basis and sometimes the curtains win! I just sincerely hope nothing ever happens to my Leifer; the likelihood of me meeting a new man on salon day under my dining room curtains are are slim to none at best!
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