Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspired to share the things I love.

Emma was up until nearly 4am doing homework again last night and it occurred to me that lately there are only about 2-3 hours per day that everyone in our house is sleeping.  When we are awake we're all flying in a million different directions and I've been thinking that we all need to slow down.  I wasn't really looking on the bright side of life this morning, but instead, feeling harried and pressed for time.

As I was reading the daily posts on my favorite blogs this morning, I discovered a little trail of inspiration at Virtual Farmgirl.  Taking the lead from Molly and her blogger friend at Are You the Babysitter?, I decided to share some of the things I love.  I agree with both of them regarding the importance of focusing on the positive things in life especially when a good chunk of it feels like an avalanche of laundry, carpools, homework, and sleepless nights.  Making my list proved to be a lovely exercise and one I've committed to repeat whenever my life starts to feel more like a grind than a celebration of all the things I love!  Go on...give it a try!
Mel's Love List
  • My friend, Leif.  Seriously, I dig the man.  Considering we met and fell in love when I was just a few days over twenty we've done a lot of growing up together.  Our evolving relationship brings me total joy and I cannot wait to see where we end up in the future.
  • Watching Emma dance.  She started wearing a tutu by choice at age two and earned the middle name Grace before we even knew her.  She is pretty gifted, but more than that her commitment to this art has transformed her as a student and helped her become a confident and admirable young woman.
  • Finn's Red Hair.  He has always been a sprite of a boy and his hair suits him perfectly. When he was born I fell in love with the color of his hair instantly and even though he is a mischievous Red Wedge on the soccer field and undaunted by most challenges, I catch a glimpse of my baby when I look at his shock of crimson hair.
  • Our little house It is a tiny, comfortable reflection of our lives and everything in it has a story.  It may not be the hippest place in town, but our bungalow it isn't called the Elsmo-Vortex for nothing.
  • A cooking challenge. I have always loved to push the limits of my abilities in the kitchen and I should acknowledge how much I've enjoyed the fun challenges I've faced in the last year.
  • Friends who cook for me.  Love.  Wish it happened more often.
  • Talking on the phone.  I am terrible at  texting, but a good mindless phone banter always makes my day and offers a welcome distraction from  tasks like emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry.
  • Serendipity.  My entire life is one huge and gorgeous happy accident!
  • Fine dining.  Call me a snob if you want, but few things in life make me happier than eating in the finest restaurants in the world.
  • Camping.  From the tents to the campfires I love it all. 
  • Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday of the year and I love it best when I get to host it.
  • Good Penmanship.  Hand written words are beautiful.
  • Legacy.  Create, cherish, and pass it on.
  • Babies.  A lot. A whole lot.
  • Public Speaking.  Put me in front of a room full of people any day.
  • Sweaters, Slippers and Blankets.  I love anything that makes me feel cozy.
  • Hiding behind a camera.  I love collecting memories for myself and other people.
  • Blogging.  It is the perfect way to account for all the wonderful happenings in our lives.
  • Going to the Ballet.  Emma and I have been long time season ticket holders at the Joffrey and my Mom used to take me to the ballet when I was little.  Everything is beautiful at the ballet.
  • The EPL.  It is insane how much knowing Leif and Finn has helped me to love international soccer.  I even watch games by myself these days!
  • Planes.  I still crane my neck to see out the window when I am on one and I am probably the only parent of a teenager who still points out low flying planes near O'Hare.
  • Volunteering.  Donating time is a way of life for me.  I don't have a pay check to prove it.
  • Tattoos.  I love mine, but most especially love them on other people.
  • People who inspire me.  From friends to strangers...the list is long.
  • The fact that this list could be longer...says a lot.


Virtual Farmgirl said...

Wonderful! I feel blessed that my list could be longer too. Puts things into perspective.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm amazed by how light I feel today - let the Love Train roll.

Mary said...

I love that post, we should all stop and cherish the things in our life....can emma share some of her homework skills with tj? he's at a 1/2 tops a day

Anonymous said...

i have always told you that you have a great gift for writing...i so enjoy reading everything that you write from you blog to you wonderful column in the oak leaves..i have been blessed to be your neighbor and your friend for all of the last many years and look so to the future and the many adventures that we may encounter!~your family is a true treasure in my life!!!!

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