Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Walking Wounded

 Yesterday morning I received a phone call from the school nurse.  She informed that Finn had fallen on the way to school and it looked like he may have broken his thumb.  I couldn't comprehend what she was even saying.
"My daughter is the one who is injured, " I said, "Not my son."
"Well I am very sorry to hear about your daughter," said the nurse, "but your son is going to need an X-ray."
The "little" shoulder crunch Emma suffered over a month ago is still a massive concern and she is on a path, trying desperately to avoid surgery, that has her seeing a sports medicine doctor on a regular basis and a physical therapist several times per week.  Considering Emma is battling such a serious injury, it seemed totally unbelievable that Finn was hurt, but by the end of the day he was in a partial cast and had an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon the following day.
Um...yeah...we are all casts and ice packs over here.  
My healthy and fit  kids are falling apart and my car is on auto pilot to an assortment of hospitals and doctors' offices.  I know we'll get them through this, but honestly I am starting to feel like this has to be some sort of karmic joke!


Angela said...

Oh goodness.... And it wasn't even playing soccer. On the way to school. No!!!!! Hope the gang feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

i just can't believe it..if you need anything please..let me know! thank god they are young and they will mend fast!!!so sorry!

Nubia said...

so bummed for me elsmo clan :( If anything, this calls for some game nights....a different kind of fun!

Hope everyone rests up and gets better soon.

Hugs and kisses to both Finn and Emma!

Anonymous said...

welcome to life...the ups and the downs...
may they enjoy a speedy recovery.

Stay-at-home-Dad said...

Oh no!! I'm obviously behind. I am so sorry to hear this. They will mend in no time flat and you will get some good chuckles!

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