Monday, September 5, 2011

Ladies in the Kitchen

Saturday evening I had the chance to lead a cooking class and serve dinner to my mom and a group of her fabulous friends.  All of these women devote their time and talents to many worthy organizations and Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter is among them.  For the past few years these lovely ladies have auctioned me off as part of the live auction held during the annual golf outing they plan as a committee.  Lucky for me, they also plan to win me in the end!
They slapped on their aprons and began to chop veggies, roll maki, and wrap dumplings before sitting down to enjoy a multiple course dinner!  Thankfully, I had Patty with me to help pull off serving their seven course dinner and we also enjoyed the fact our hostess' daughter was visiting from Ohio.  Amanda spent the evening in the kitchen with us and added a healthy dose of humor to our cooking time.
It seemed to me they enjoyed their meal overall and  highlighted my beet salad, fish with Brussels sprouts, and the Thai dumplings among their favorite dishes of the evening.  Of particular interest to me...both beets and Brussels were listed for some of the ladies among the foods they disliked most; I adore changing ingrained food opinions! I am a little disappointed I didn't take more pictures, but we were cooking and plating like speed demons!
This group was full of good cooks.  A few of them made me nervous with their knives and one of them, despite protests, may have tasted raw chicken, but their years of cooking an eating proved they are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen!  They are some of the best maki rollers I've ever come across and clearly even better friends.
Cheers to a wonderful evening to benefit a worthy cause!

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