Friday, September 30, 2011


...orchids in my house.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One More...

 I promise I won't keep posting pictures of this handsome little guy forever, but yesterday marked his one month birthday!  Little Vikas is as cute as ever and I was just tickled to capture image on a milestone day!  If you haven't noticed...I like this baby a lot!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It was almost impossible to see this sleepy little cicada on the bark of my neighbor's tree.  He was the last man standing among an army of insect shells.  Fall appears to be upon us.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Red is the "it" color right now and Emma's homecoming dress fit the bill perfectly!  She had to make a mad dash to be ready in time because of a rehearsal, but she was looking mighty lovely by the time Jack came to pick her up for the dance!

I still can't believe Emma  is old enough to attend a high school homecoming dance, but she seems to be taking it all in stride!  I am just delighted she was able to attend the dance with a familiar friend!  From our house the duo headed north to a picture taking party before heading over to OPRF to dance the night away!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Self Portrait at 37...

Birthday Lunch

I will happily accept birthday presents in pig form.
Thanks to my foodie friend and soccer dad, Rich,  I was able to celebrate with swine today!  He dropped off a portion of his extraordinary smoked pork shoulder with his home-made slammin' BBQ sauce and a side of collard greens & black eyed peas.  Perfection on a plate!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stylish Dinner

Tonight we enjoyed the company of three fabulous and energetic twenty something stylists!  On the eve of my birthday it felt fantastic to be around few youngins!  I just love their easy rapport and all three three of them seemed to enjoy our comforting fall dinner.  I was thrilled to serve them my version of sweet potato ravioli; it is one of my favorite autumn dishes!

My big Crush.

 I have an enormous crush on this sweet guy.   I keep fronting with food just to get the chance to hold him once a week!  I even helped  to get this gorgeous trio out for a quick lunch at Big Star yesterday!  Big Star and a baby...what could be better? I am grateful that I get to peek in on them so frequently, but if Vikas gets much cuter I may just have to move in with them!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Sister Underground

Late Summer Menu

bubble tea

Salad Sponge
honeys, goat milk, homegrown
manchego-edamame, nasturtium, spice cubes
Smoked watermelon, roe

Potato, truffle, homemade cheese
Shrimp Carpaccio
almonds, peaches, herbs
Your Hand

Oyster Centerpiece
Foraged items
Corn Chowder
encapsulated, clam, pork belly
Farm and Garden
Pork, veggies

1 Pill Makes You Larger and 1 Pill Makes You Small

Shrimp Scampi

Oatmeal Dashi
chia seeds

Hand-cut Pasta
duck, raspberry
Ice Cream Cone
Lamb Prosciutto
fennel, lemon, corned leg

Veal Cheeks
hot mustard, granola, cherries
zucchini, honey dew, banana pepper
Chocolate Balls
blueberries, eggs, gruyere

 One first rate tip from Marketing Mommy.
Twelve close friends.
One square table in a quintessential Chicago apartment dining room.
Nineteen artful courses.
Twenty bottles of wine.
Countless bouts of laughter.

One Sister
Iliana Regan
Innovative Chef.
Embraces whimsy in the form of edible puns.
Crafts her own cheese and forages for mushrooms, juniper, and berries.
Distinctly reinforces the importance of charting your own course.
Hangs appetizers in a doorway.
Marries mushrooms with chocolate flawlessly.
Requests her guests play rock paper scissors to help season a dish.
Ate a can of soup for dinner.
Makes granola and veal get along like family.
Liquefied a quesadilla.
This unassuming, visionary artist is underground, yet completely out there.
Find your way to her.  You will not be disappointed.


 After a wet and rainy final game the Rapids clinched their rightful place as the U12 Premier Boys champions at the Great Lakes Soccer Classic!  Finn played tough and even scored a tricky little left footed goal during the second half to put the boys up 4-0.  They looked great holding their silver cups and Finn was especially proud of his first ever tournament win!
 Way to go boys!!

On the Pitch...

Finn and the RF Rapids are playing in the Great Lakes Soccer Challenge this week-end.  They came out of the gate strong and we saw glimpses of the red wedge's signature moves even though the pace of the game was monstrously fast.  Finn meshed a sweet goal from outside the eighteen...chipped the ball cleanly into the upper right corner to give the team a three goal lead.  It was a great confidence booster for him.

Despite how this picture looks Finn tackled clean and surprised the heck out of this kid!  Thank goodness they powered through their next games; we just received word the Rapids will be playing in the final this afternoon!  Here's hoping they bring home the iron!
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