Monday, August 1, 2011

Spoken Word and War

 Yesterday, after another stop at Big Star (yes we are obsessed), all four of us headed down to the Celebrate Hyde Park Summer Festival.  With our bellies full of tacos we settled in to hear former Public Ally turned Grammy winner, Malik Yusef, perform his musically driven spoken word poetry.  Leif has know Malik for years and all I can say is this is one talented man! Finn was especially taken with his unique style and artistry and I sincerely hope they get to meet one day.
Following Malik's performance, the multi-ethnic crossover band, War, performed to the delight of the packed streets! War puts on quite an act to say the least, but the woman sitting next to Leif really stole the show.  She had to be close to ninety years old and was dancing up a storm all night long!  It appeared she was at the festival on her own and having the time of her life; I only hope I have as much spunk at that age! 
  There is nothing like great food and music on a hot night to make it feel like the dog days of summer have arrived!

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