Friday, August 5, 2011


 Leif and I will tell anyone who asks that we live a charmed life.  Last night more than proved that simple fact is true!  Our friend Alicia secured a VIP Lounge at GALApalooza, the official preview party for Lalapalooza, and asked us to attend.  Leif an I had no idea what we were in for, but this was truly the single best fundraiser I have ever attended!
 We made our way to our assigned location; a super comfy private lounge no more than a few yards from the stage at the Petrillo Band Shell in Grant Park.  The cocktail table in front of us was littered with an assotment of mixers and two ice cold bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.  Some of the city's most popular food trucks pulled into the area and we could mix and match our dinner from the trucks.  I was particulairly drawn to The Slide Ride's ribeye, provolone, caramelized onion  and horseradish slider on a pretzel roll!
 Leif and Gabrielle took down a couple of 5411 Empanadas' pasrty creations while listening to Elizaveta open the GALApalooza concert.  I was quite taken with her haunting musical style and honest and meaningful song lyrics.  I also have to mention she looked stunning with a cloud of purple flowers on her head!
 When I had the chance to meet Elizaveta (thanks Nadim) we snapped the picture below to share with Emma.  The best thing I can say about this photo is...this woman  is gorgeous and I offer a nice visual contrast!  Emma is quite taken with this singer-songwriter-poet, as well, and we are already assembling a collection of her music!  What a find.

 Following Elizaveta's performance, Cincinnati's, Walk the Moon took the stage and brought up the energy in the crowd!  They are an addictive pop centric band with a legitimate sense of fun in every song; it is impossible not to love them!

 Lalapalooza founder,Perry Farrell, greeted the crowd and talked about the Parkways Foundation and the Send a Kid to Camp program, before introducing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!
 Grace Potter and company sure know how to put on a memorable show! The soul-rock sound fit the vibe of the evening perfectly and I loved watching the city light up around us as they performed!  Overall it was a completely dreamy evening!  Thanks for inviting us Alicia! This was quite a treat!

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Angela said...

Wow, that looks like an absolutely amazing night.

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