Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chicago Dancing Festival

 Yesterday evening our friends Tony and Carla joined us for a picnic dinner and loads of memorable dancing.  I packed up some jam filled rosemary shortbread cookies, a seriously lovely watermelon and tomato salad, and some sandwiches to enjoy at Millennium Park as the sun set around us.  As the Pritzker Pavilion began to glow under the city lights the Celebration of Dance began!

 Celebration of Dance
Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park


Nine Person Precision Ball Passing-1980
Stravinsky Violin Concerto-1941

Diversion of Angels-1948

Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux-1960

What an exceptional collection of companies and extraordinary series of dances!  This program was among the most diverse I have ever had the privilege of seeing; Finn was mesmerized by Nine Person Precision Ball Passing and the dancers from NYC Ballet received a well deserved standing ovation for their flawlessly executed Pas de Deux.  Emma, of course, marveled at the Martha Graham Company and her goal to attend their summer intensive next year was intensified considerably after seeing Diversion of Angels.

As Emma was settling into her seat for the show she looked around and gushed, "I just love Chicago." I have to say I completely agree with her!

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Anonymous said...

There is not enough pot in the world for me to watch 9 person precision ball passing.

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