Sunday, July 31, 2011

Minter Men for Dinner

 Tonight we were lucky enough to have the Minter boys spend the evening with us and I was happy to cook up a little 14th birthday dinner for Miles!  I tried to cook some of Miles' favorite dishes.  He is the Deviled Egg master and I was delighted he enjoyed mine.  He likes it when I make him try something new so I  threw a little truffle oil into the veggies to keep him on his toes.
It is hard to imagine that we've known Miles since he was a teeny tiny baby and, as you can see, things have sure changed a lot since then.  He has a manly handsomeness about him now, but is just as sweet as ever and remains one of my favorite people to cook for.  He has a big day tomorrow; his dad is taking him to see Paul McCartney in concert.  We were just thrilled we could host them on the eve of their big father-son outing.

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