Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Fashioned In the Rocks.

Yesterday evening, before enjoying a simply astonishing meal with friends, we settled in for a pre-dinner cocktail at The Aviary.  The last time I enjoyed a culinary cocktail at this Chicago hot spot it was the middle of the night and we had just consumed sixteen courses of the most decadent French fare imaginable.  Even then,  my Tiki cocktail was a refreshing and unexpected end to a most memorable evening.

Last night we were able to enjoy the beauty of The Aviary in the sunlight light and I have to say the luxurious lounge drastically shifts in mood and feeling between night and day almost as flawlessly as Next shifts it's menu.

Check out the cocktail I had before dinner...

What an astonishing creation and each and every drink at our table was a stunning and unique as the next one.  Honestly, I could get used to this kind of cocktail hour!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Ok, that's cool. I was thinking Avairy was a "been there done that" moment (mostly because I'm not really a cocktail person), but I may need to make another trip back ... and soon.

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