Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LGC Farewell

Yesterday, Leif and his fellow Leadership Greater Chicago participants graduated from the program.  See my husband up there with his fun new plaque?  That pretty much the last I saw of him until the late night after party!  We both took away great relationships from his LGC experience and I was just as happy as can be flitting about the festive event!

All of the spouses of the fellows gathered for one group picture and I have to say we made up a pretty darn good group of b-list of guests!  Most of of the LCG fellows have someone amazing supporting them and I am happy to count myself among them.
Part of the evening revolved around monitoring the "food" being served to our mamas in the making.  After we deemed certain things inedible they managed to split a filling hamburger.

Before heading out to The Crocodile Lounge for more celebrating, Nadim and Leif and I wisely snagged a few late night tacos at Big Star.  We all needed a little refueling to make through a Tuesday evening party!

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