Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lambs Farm

 Ang has been peppering her blog with all kinds of Wisconsin imagery since their family moved north so it seemed only fitting (right down to Ang's cow inspired golf ball) to meet up at Lambs Farm and let the boys hang out for a while.  I was lucky enough to meet their German house guest, Tina, who is lovely and proved she has quite a way with goats!  We miniature golfed, road a train, looked at chickens, and pet some sheep, but most importantly Finn and Hud got to spend some time together!  They have been missing each other quite a lot.  I was thrilled to see Ang, but I have to admit I was tickled to death to see my Cole!

 I am so happy we took time out to make this happen; we all needed it!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Such a fun day. I'm glad we made it happen too. Finn and Hud are so great together. And of course, you and Cole have something very special too. P.S. I picked the cow ball was just for you. Had to!

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