Sunday, July 17, 2011

Graduation Fare.

A few weeks ago I took some portraits of my friend's daughter to commemorate her graduation from high school.  I was honored to be asked and yesterday I wrapped up a framed copy of the above photograph (my favorite from the series I took) and prepared to throw down for her graduation party!  Between the photos and the food, I really could not have been happier to play such varied role in the festivities surrounding L's transition to college!
I threw a baby shower last week-end with a similar theme, but I changed up some the appetizers for yesterday's graduation celebration.  Most notably, I created a Green Tea and Hibiscus Shortbread with Chutney Cream, Peas, Shoots, Orange, and Poppy.  I used the shortbread basic recipe I included in my column a few weeks ago but added tea and flowers instead of herbs.  The result was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

I put three of my favorite garnishing girls to work topping off some cucumber cups; they are a focused crew and their attention to detail is first rate!

I also ressurected L's favorite Ahi Tuna on Gow Gee and whipped up her standard Chinese restaurant order...crab rangoon.  I am not so sure take-out will do the trick for her any more!
Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, but most especially the graduate and her army of friends!

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Mary said...

we should capitalize on our photography skills together!

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