Sunday, June 19, 2011

San Francisco

After our lovely stay in Napa and a quick side trip to Sausalito, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the heart of San Francisco!  Leif has always adored the city and none of us had been before; he was eager to show us around!  I'll get more specific about our activities in the next few posts.  Our adventures took us to several fascinating places and a couple of pretty incredible restaurants, but most of all we found the city a cozy place to spend some family time. 

We stayed at the Hotel Palomar and we can't say enough about this fine establishment.  If you are ever staying in the area consider booking a room there; you won't be sorry.  You can see, Finn and I got quite a kick out of their animal print bath robes!

After settling into the hotel we took off on a trolley to see the sites of the city...

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