Saturday, June 18, 2011

The North Rim

To say that seeing the Grand Canyon has been a life long dream of mine is a huge understatement and let me tell you the north rim does not disappoint!  In contrast to the more commercialized south rim, the north rim offers a far less populated and more rugged look at the canyon.   We could not have been more pleased with our choice to take the  road less traveled!

 We hiked for miles on the Widforss Trail  and rarely saw a single soul.  The breath taking views were dizzying and dazzling and we carefully selected a remote perch on a rock for an unforgettable picnic lunch. I can assure you that salami sandwiches have never be so delicious as those were!  We all agree it was the best lunch we've ever had!

Leif's fear of heights was pushed to the limit and he bowed out of our second hike of the day.  Even though Leif  picked the hike to Bright Angel Point he panicked when he read the description of the trail more closely in Lonely Planet's guide to the Grand Canyon.  He shoved the guide book at me and said, "Read this!  I swear, Mel, if there was a description of a trail I would never do this would be it..."

"Anyone with a fear of heights should think twice before strapping on their walking shoes.  There are few guard rails and the edges are crumbling rock and sand-hold on to you childrens' hands and do not veer from the established trail."

Of course that description made me want to go even more and take terrifying pictures of Emma and Finn to traumatize Leif with later.  We tucked him safely on "Leif's Ledge" and the kids and I made our way out to take in the death defying vistas!  It was a once in a lifetime experience and one that was quintessentially Grand Canyon in nature!

If you have not been to the Grand Canyon, you must go at least once in your life.  It is healthy to feel that small an vulnerable every so often.  It is a spiritual and moving experience and one all four of us will treasure for a lifetime especially because we shared it as a family.

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Mary said...

now I'm dying to go, what an adventure! keep the pics coming

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