Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leif rides a horse!

Most folks know I was raised around horses and thanks to my parents, both Emma and Finn have been exposed to the occasional ride, but Leif had never ridden a horse in his life until last week!  Along with heights and curvy mountain roads, Leif also has a healthy fear of horses.  After a while I really started to wonder if Leif was having any fun at all on this trip as he had more than a few white knuckled moments along the way, but he assured me he likes to push his fears to the logically I put him on a horse named Annie!  And he rode that horse down a mountain!  We were all so proud of him and even happier that he really liked the ride a lot.  He may have overcome his fear of horses in one ride and I think it is pretty amazing he tried something totally new on our family vacation.

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