Saturday, June 18, 2011

King's Canyon

 "Do you see those snow capped mountains?  
I wonder if it is Christmas time up there."

 After winding our way through the Sequoia National Forest for nearly four hours and enjoying waterfalls, mini-hikes, astonishing views, curvaceous mountain roads, and another memorable picnic lunch, we transitioned into King's Canyon National park (the third on our trip if you are keeping track).
King's Canyon is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range just north of Sequoia National Park and showcases towering mountains, plunging canyons, raging rivers, peaceful meadows, waterfalls and wildflowers.

 Both Emma and Finn consider our canyon exploration  the best hike of their lives!  Even though we covered just a corner of the deep canyon we gained a huge appreciation for the diverse and rugged landscape.
 Another fear surfaced for my Leifer and it became clear I would be handling 100% of the mountain driving on our trip.  If Leif learned he hated barreling down a twisting mountain road at 55 miles per hour then I learned I loved it for the adrenalin rush!  To thank me for my hours and hours of high pressure driving, Leif gave me a lovely shrimp cocktail from the local restaurant to enjoy with a glass of wine when we got back to the cabin.  It was a simply heavenly day!

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