Friday, June 17, 2011


After spending some considerable time hanging around in Zion, Utah we made our way through the gorgeous, curvy, and occasionally cow infested streets of the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona and settled in at an adorable lodge for the next couple of days.

Kaibab Lodge is located five miles from the entrance to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and while we were thrilled with our cabin's proximity to the park, we were equally taken with the overall atmosphere at the lodge!  The communal dining room and living areas made us all relax after busy days of hiking and sightseeing and our 1950's inspired cabin lulled all four of us to sleep before 8pm on our first night there!  None of us could remember the last time we fell asleep before it was dark outside, but all of us appreciated the blissful hours of sleep!
The Kaibab Forest is a tranquil place and counting the deer in the meadow during dinner was the most strenuous activity at the lodge!  Don't let that vacancy sign fool you...the place sold out every night we were there.

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