Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chinatown Cheating

 Anyone who knows me at all can tell you about my love for Chinatown in Chicago!  Well...I am officially having an affair.  I am cheating on Chicago with San Francisco! The sprawling neighborhood is full of gritty energy, smells incredible, and offers surprises around every corner!

 The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is tucked away in a little alley and I was totally taken with the hands on operation.  The cookies are lighter than air and positvly delicious!  I also loved the fact that we had to pay $0.50 to take a picture of their factory workers in action!  We also picked up 8 fortune cookies for a dollar. 

 Following the recommendation of our dinner companion at TFL we took the kids to House of Nanking for dinner.  We were all thrilled to death with our meal.  The chef asked if we trusted him and when we said yes he proceeded to bring out dishes he thought we'd enjoy!  Everything was divine...seriously divine and our servers could not have been sweeter to our kids!  We had worked up quite an appetite from walking all day and this was the perfect way to end our day in Chinatown!

 Steamed Pork Dumplings with XO Sauce
 Nanking Fish Fillet with Greens
Sesame Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

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