Friday, June 3, 2011


Is Crazy, Weird, Miraculous, and Funny
Is cared for by Melissa and Leif Elsmo
Really likes Soccer, People, and Pickles
Doesn't like Baseball, Lil' Wayne, or Soup
Willingly shares his Laughter and Lots of Fun with Others
Hopes to see Flying Cars and Flying Chairs
 Although there  are technically two more days of school, Finn officially said his good byes to Irving School today!  The 5th grade awards ceremony and send-off ceremony is always a Kleenex-at-the-ready affair, but this year was especially bitter sweet.  Finn has proudly finished the fifth grade and is bringing our family's Irving years to a close. 
He had the chance to present the class gift, a print of the logo for Irving's centennial celebration this year, with a couple of his classmates.
 Nonna even made the trip down to share the day with Finn and enjoyed the luncheon in the gym following the ceremony!

 Most importantly, Finn had a chance to hang with his boys and revel in the pride that came with finishing out their elementary school years.  
 Finn has enjoy his years at Irving more than he can even say, but we all know he is ready to move on to great things at Julian!  It is an end of an era for our family, but and exciting new beginning for the Finn-man!
Congrats, Finn!  We are proud to see you move on to even bigger and better things!

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Mary said...

Congrats to the Finn man...he couldn't be any more adorable! Good luck at Julian

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